Deklan & Natalia

Sabor y sabor

Karen & Ricardo

The Invencibles

Kevin & Gaby

The mini mega salsa stars

Shani Talmor

Femme Fatale

Doria Levit

The Over Achiever

Simona Petric

Romania loves Puerto Rico

Charlene rose

The Rose in the garden

Josie Neglia

Queen Bee Josie


Jefferson & Adrianita

The Ingenues

From Cali Colombia, They are coming back  grown up ! They grew together with their dream and passion for Dance, and made their dreams a reality .They conquered the world of ballroom and the Salsa world but keep the tradition of salsa cali style with a young Blood.

They love what they do , transmit their enthusiasm and hard core training to the next generation at their school Imperio Juvenil . Their high and fast energy is infectious  like humming birds
Get a chance to try out those crazy cali steps and acrobatic moves at their workshops and feel the hot cali style. you are up for  the best cardio ever . warm up  is mandatory 😉  Expect scream and shout for their performances. Perform to impress of sure but with heart and soul.
ALL World Champions Will Be Giving Workshops And Performances.



The comics

From Cyprus for their first time at the LA SALSA FEST they will perform get get ready for a Hilarious show as they combine various genre of Dance with Talent and comedy . Character driven their show has reached success in Europe and now will reach our Land .

Dance Is fun and festive and does not have to be so serious all the time ! Have a breath of fresh air and lets get into their Cyprus Sense of humor, Welcome!

As we open a new Section at The LA Salsa Fest The Hip Hop Room, We also add World Class Instructors


Yanis Marshall

The Daredevil

Marilyn Monroe once said, “If I ever let my head down it will be just to admire my shoes.” For a man like Yanis Marshall, this statement could not be more true.  Marshall is challenging the standing traditions of dance, both literally and figuratively. Pioneering a style called Street Jazz, this dancer and choreographer, moves with a tenacity and vigor that is seen not only through the stilettos on his feet but the passion of his every motion. Born in France, this young artist first received notoriety through a series of YouTube videos demonstrating his stiletto routines.  He continued as a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, as well as choreographing and performing on dance programs such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars.” Yanis is currently a choreographer for Cirque Du Soleil’s Las Vegas show “Zumanity”.

Yanis choreographer will give Two Workshops, Each 90 Min Long  – A real Treat .



Marie Poppins

Pop Art

French as Beret , pull rayée oblige and red “Aristide Bruant” scarf , add humor and charm , Meet Marie Poppins

Hip Hop Lovers here she is here they are at the LA SALSA FEST

They are 3 Young Ladies who got the attention of Over 1 Million Hits in 1 Day !
They will Perform “Femme Fatale” on Sunday night  and Marie will teach a fun and exhilarating popping workshop
Definitely not to be missed
watch her Dance on video and get up to speed lucky you 😉


Lando Wilkins

The Key

Hip Hop Workshop and Performance 
He found his own language and yet everyone understand  what he is talking about. He found  a key to unlock the brain into letting the body talk for itself . Lando teaches at Debbie Reynolds studio, He created several dance Crews such as Boxcutthuz and mos wanted Crew and more.  He is an Awesome young artist, with an  old soul and knowledge  loves to teach , did that, done that, over 60 countries already.  You will be able to share a unforgettable moment with him learn how to connect musicality and moves from head to toes with Humor and hopefully become fluent in his language.


Zerjon & Nina

The Avengers

From Sweden / Hip Hop Street Latin Fusion

They embody the Diversity in life and in Dance and remind us that Dance does not have to be one thing or another. Dance is dance and dance has humor .Watching them always open your eyes on an ocean of movements somehow familiar and yet combined the way they execute them tell you a universal story you would like to be part of and the best way is just take it in , watch and surf the wave with them who knows where it brings you .. .Workshops of Heaven infusion for delight ! Watch they get packed.

From the US some of our our “Pillars”


Tito & Tamara

The Ambassadors

Returning From Puerto Rico
for a great performance and a cha cha cha workshop
How to introduce a couple who should be in any Salsa dictionary already !
They are the ambassadors of Puerto Rico when it comes to Salsa, they tour with the biggest Salsa Bands around the world.  You can even her their names in songs of Victor Manuel and Gilberto Santa Rosa !
She was hip hop by default , He seduced her with his Mambo and Voila !
Since then, they dance together and keep alive a beautiful an vigorous Mambo style with Flare and Class .
Tito is of the most knowledgeable Dancer when it comes to the History of salsa , his seminars are priceless and not to be missed
They also Strict but Fair when it comes to Judging at the World Latin Dance Cup. In Brief they are Icons !


Junior & Emily

The Challengers

Power spins workshop & Performance
Brother & sister in their youth rebellious at first, wanted to experiment with salsa on2 so to find their proper style.
LA SAlSA FEST has been their platform of exploration since then.
With this challenging  approach, they  developed an innovative style of salsa dancing which define them as Unique and have influenced various dancers around the world. Accomplished Artists Dancers, they continue their challenging pursuit from World Dance competitions to Acting to produce tv shows and many other things. They caught the attention of Music and TV and Film world and keep working on stunning project . Grown ups now, but still young at hearts they will spin your world ! Stamina required!


John & Liz

Pure Dedication

Representing  San Francisco,  JHON & LIZ Creators of SALSAMANIA, One of the most successful Dance company in California, and U.S Also World Champions, along with Salsamania Team and Andrew they constantly adjust and prepare for the next level with consistency, dedication and humility. They have been teaching, coaching and training successfully many Dancers as professionals. they are masters of Progress and keep alive the soul of school in their company.

They never missed  one of the LA SALSA FEST since the beginning 19 years ago when it was called the West Coast salsa congress which lead them to open their Dance company, and Later on produce the SF Salsa Festival, a qualifier of World Latin Dance cup. we are grateful to have them this year at the 19th LA SALSA FEST sharing this anniversary with their Talent and expertise. Do not miss their Performances nor their workshops – A GEM !


John & Andrew

Same Gender Aces

World Champions Salsa same gender,  John & Andrew will be performing  and giving an electric workshop  they have  opened years ago the division  same gender and inspired dancers from the world to follow their steps and welcomed the challenge!

From the Special World of Limitless we will welcome the performances of :


Paloma & Davide

Fearless & limitless

They are coming from From Brazil

They were the pioneer at the world Latin Dance Cup  in the  the Limitless division. Paloma has down syndrome but also wisdom .They are an inspiration and remind us that The Impossible is possible

and way more to come …