Liz Lira | Sylphide de la Salsa

From La Paz Bolivia to Los Angeles Liz was Highly Trained in Ballet which led her to dream of  join the New York city Ballet at young age but Life and its unexpected turns open a different path for Liz to explore . From jazz, Lyrical to hip hop, Liz encountered the Salsa Scene in los Angeles at age 21 in which found quickly her place and defined her dancing style by elegance fused with fire power. Her graceful trademark combined with her Joie de vivre made her unique dancer and performer as well as successful in the realm of world Championship over the years. Champion Champion & Ultimate Champion forever . She also Bridged into choreograph of TV shows such as “so you think you can dance” and Dancing with the stars as well as recently feature film The Ugly truth.

Focussed and dedicated to Liz Lira Dance Academy she teaches the next generation, trains and coaches performers & future performers and share knowledge and passion to all Dance lovers.





What to bring:
  • Note pad and pen or pencil
  • Hanger
  • Rubber band (5-9 feet of length)
  • Fitted clothes for Liz to see body mechanics
  • Video is welcomed for private use and review only
Description: This bootcamp is to learn Salsa material in an educational and structured approach through the Liz Lira Salsa Method! It is recommend to take both days as it is developed and created for ultimate and desired results. Also, great for dancers who are just starting, dancers that need to polish and refine technique and teachers who would like to enhance their teaching approach. You will receive syllabus, video and QA.


Each day will begin with a 5 minute warm-up at the beginning.


Day 1 | Styling, Technique, Terminology and Syllabus
part 1 | Salsa Steps, Arms & Hands Styling
part 2 | All About Turns! Turns in Place VS Traveling Turns
part 3 | Body Rhythm Combination Styling with Head and Arm Works



Day 2 | Styling, Body Isolation & Rhythm, Musicality and Hip Action
part 1 | All about Body Movement! Body Rolls, Rib-Cage actions, Afro, Cuban enhanced, Hip Action and Levels of Isolation

part 2 | Multiple and Styling Turns! Technique and Body Mechanics for Balance and Review all ways of Turning in Salsa

part 3 | Musicality and Rhythmical Combination with Levels


Pricing: $95 and must have a LA Salsa Fest event pass.
***All Liz Lira Bootcamp registers dancers will enter a raffle for a chance to win a private lesson with Liz Lira or a Liz Lira dance Shoe!
About Liz Lira visit:

Yanis Marshall | Daredevil on Stilettos

Marilyn Monroe once said, “If I ever let my head down it will be just to admire my shoes.” For a man like Yanis Marshall, this statement could not be more true.  Marshall is challenging the standing traditions of dance, both literally and figuratively. Pioneering a style called Street Jazz, this dancer and choreographer, moves with a tenacity and vigor that is seen not only through the stilettos on his feet but the passion of his every motion. Born in France, this young artist first received notoriety through a series of YouTube videos demonstrating his stiletto routines.  He continued as a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, as well as choreographing and performing on dance programs such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars.” Yanis is currently a choreographer for Cirque Du Soleil’s Las Vegas show “Zumanity”.

This may not be the workshop where you can remove your heels Ladies and Gentlemen !  HA No kidding if you want to teach singers how to learn a stage choreography , show it which heels yourself . this is a good moto . Heels or not Yanis got more  moves in his Bini and body than magician can pull rabbits out of his hat in a life time. Open your mind , Just indulge and get in the flow


SATURDAY MAY 27 | 3 hours course in 2 sessions with 1/2 hour break


PART1 | 90 minutes course | STREET JAZZ | 2PM-3:30PM

Grab your sneakers and be ready for the ride !

Mixing Jazz techniques and  various influences of urban street style, This class is made push your limits further. Fast pace intricate  combos  to the sounds of actual pop hits music , the class begins with a warm up build to bring you to the level of energy required to dance full out  and experience this feeling of freedom and control !


Break 1/2 hour 


PART 2 | 90 minutes course | HEELS DANCE | 4PM-5:30PM

Come and learn the art of Dancing in Heels !

Feel the fragility and the power, the  beauty of lines , walking , posing , sculpting your body through shapes and movement and dance to the music of great icons such as Madonna , Janet Jackson , Prince , George Michael and many more …Heels are not optional (except for boys !)

Participants must be Full event Pass or Performer Pass ,Saturday Full Day Pass or Saturday Workshop pass Holders

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