John & Liz | How to run a successful Dance School | part 2

John and Liz from Salsamania have run a profitable and well-respected salsa school/company in the Bay Area for over 15 years.
For the last 8 years, they have produced the successful San Francisco Salsa Festival.
Learn the principles that have made them effective not only as artists but also as entrepreneurs in the competitive dance industry.

Tito Ortos | History of Salsa

From Africa the Cuba to New york mambo era to the 70’s fania movement you will learn the roots of salsa music and its relation to Dance Tito is known to keep alive the Mambo era His Salsa History knowledge is captivating as he transmit his passion from his dancing and performing experience. All relates to Rhythms. Know about what you are listening and dancing to.

Alien Ramirez | History of movement | The salsa family Tree

What you dance and How you dance roots in past and live cultures and traditions. Every moves you make has a meaning, They have been passed on from generations to generations. Discover and explore what is behind movements you will be surprised. Join Alien and her Salsa Story Session premiering at the LA SALSA FEST. Learn and feel the power of movement transmission and its family

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